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Value Stream Mapping is a manufacturing technique used to analyze and design the flow of materials and information required to bring a product or service to a consumer. also known as "material and information flow mapping". It can be applied to nearly any manufacturing process.

One main purpose is to deepen one's understanding of a value stream by drawing a map of it. In current-state mapping this is done while observing the actual value stream in situation. Thus, value stream maps are often drawn by hand in pencil; to keep the mapping process real-time, simple and iterative by allowing for simple correction.

The most productive way of doing this as a group is to stick Value Stream Maps Sticky Notes to a wall with paper and working as teams! Each team writes their tasks on individual notes and apply them to the paper in the most effective an dlocigal sequence. Using the notes with pre-drawn ines makes the process easy. This helps visualize the steps needed to make the work flow. This way the tasks can easily be moved around,and as always, add any other steps that come to mind.



Value Stream Maps Sticky Notes

With Sticky Notepads from Value Stream it streamlines the process from conceptual layout to production. Because they are Value Stream Map Sticky Notes you can write on them and move them where ever you need them!

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value stream maps - note pads

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